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The Dragon’s Rest

Precinct Umbra - Walls Kit

Precinct Umbra - Walls Kit

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The Precinct Umbra walls kit is the perfect companion to Games Workshops KillTeams Into the Dark game. Each piece is expertly designed by "The Dragons Rest" to fit right on top of the Precinct Umbra Floor Tiles or to simply setup your own scenario and mission to suit KillTeam Into the Dark game play.

Each of the 75 items in this set are uniquely designed. The walls upon closer inspection reveal details such as computer terminals, electrical works, caged walls and reinforced steel looks. When building your walls, they are designed to be interchangeable. No longer want a blank wall? No worries, swap it out for a wall with electrical detail or computers! - These little details bring your Sci-fi games to life! 

The walls measure 65mm tall x 75mm in length and the columns are 75mm tall x 25mm wide/ deep. Perfect size to fit alongside all game scenarios.

Our Walls kit is designed with Dragons Rests Clip system meaning easy to clip together in any format and way you want, easy to do and no tools required for assembly/ disassembly. Our clips system allows you to interchange walls, columns, pipe works easily to create any scenario you want to run. 

PLEASE NOTE- This kit has a print time of up to 5-7 days. 

Product details:

  • 28mm Scale
  • 75 individual pieces
  • Product Images are photos of actual 3d prints
  • .stl files available (soon) from The Dragons Rest


This item Includes:

x24 Columns

x2 end columns

x24 Column caps

x6 doors 

x2 angled pipes

x1 beam

x2 air ducts

x1 pipe

x10 blank walls

x3 Terminal walls

All clips included





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