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The Dragon’s Rest

Precinct Umbra - Flooring Kit

Precinct Umbra - Flooring Kit

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The Precinct Umbra flooring kit by The Dragons Rest is compatible for games such as Games Workshops Kill Team, Into The Dark and more...

This set contains 68 pieces in total which include every flooring tile & edge you need to create a 6x7(tiles) sized games board.

With this Kit you receive floor tiles that are compatible with our Precinct Umbra Walls Kit and The Precinct Umbra Scatter Kit.

The Floor kit is designed in such a way that the walls we provide clip into the circular holes in the tiles meaning your walls/ doors won't slide around the table when bumped.

PLEASE NOTE- This kit has a print time of up to 5-7 days.

Product details

  • 28mm Scale
  • 68 individual pieces
  • Product Images are photos of actual 3d prints
  • .stl files available (soon) from The Dragons Rest


This item includes:

x33 grated floor tiles

x9 solid floor tiles

x26 floor edges - to surround the entire board.

All clips included


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