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Modular Dungeon Rooms

Modular Dungeon Rooms

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This Modular dungeon crawling set, consists of 30 separate pieces. To help you create your own dungeon Crawl, or to build your favourite scenario rooms or spooky adventures in 3D.

It's perfect for the quick adventure, Imaginative Game Master, Run an exciting night of beating a boss, finding treasure, playing out escape room loaded with traps or quizzes, or even just an attachment to an existing dungeon crawl board.

Product Details

  • 28mm scale
  • Printed to order
  • Product images for this item are of actual prints 
  • Size of each floor tile is 40x40mm


This item includes: 

30 piece Set includes:

10x 1x1 Floor Tiles

9x 1x1 Corner Floor Tiles

11 1x1 Straight Wall Floor Tiles

20x Combination walls to match above.

Clips Included.


9 Piece Extension Set includes:

1x 1x1 Floor Tile

4x 1x1 Corner Floor Tiles

4x Straight Wall / Door Tiles

Clips Included.

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