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Barricade Set

Barricade Set

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Here you will find a versatile set of Concrete Barricades which can be used for any game.  

Being modular you can configure this set in any way that’s needed. Barricade yourself into terrain, keep monsters, zombies or bad guys out. 

Create a defendable keep on the street, a fenced off quarantine area for your medical center, abandoned barracks or warhead silo.

You can remove the shields & fences and utilise the concrete barriers alone if you want your hero or monsters to easily advance forward in your custom campaign.

Product details:

  • FDM printed terrain
  • 28mm scale
  • Product images are photos are of actual 3d prints
  • Painted images completed by Rosario

Items included :

4x Short Barricades, 2 short shield inserts, 2 short fence inserts

4x Long Barricades, 2 long shield inserts, 2 long fence inserts

6x Concrete Corners

8x Concrete Studs

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