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The Dragon’s Rest

Blackstone Fortress Compatible Tile Set Deluxe Edition

Blackstone Fortress Compatible Tile Set Deluxe Edition

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The "Blackstone Fortress Compatible Tile Set Deluxe Edition" is a huge collection of amazing hex based tiles designed by The Dragon's Rest. There's a total of 136 pieces NOT including the 65 bases and clips! All this allows you to create near infinite map layouts for popular tabletop sci-fi dungeon crawl games such as Blackstone Fortress from Games Workshop.

The "Deluxe" edition contains beautifully sculpted cover terrain set into groups of tiles. Each piece is an individual sculpt made to complement every tile combination found in the Blackstone Fortress box set from Games Workshop. Double and Single cover tiles are also supplied to allow you to build custom cover combinations if needed. There's also 40 open tiles in a variety of designs and corridor sections to allow you to fill in the blanks, along with all the speciality pieces like portals, transports, stasis cube, chutes, stairs, pit, access control and a turret.

You even get a handy Citadel Scanner to use as a turn token.

Each tile is around 80mm in diameter on the longest edge and the tallest tiles sit at just over 97mm high. There is enough space to easily fit 1x25mm and 2x32mm based characters in a single tile at any one time - including cover.

The set uses The Dragon's Rest clip system to allow you to tear down your build and reassemble in completely different configurations quickly and easily. Enough double ended clips are included to configure your tiles into rooms. Optionally there are single capping clips that have spaces for 5mm ball magnets if you'd like to magnetise things. If you want these we can substitute magnet clips for the standard clips - the magnets are not included.

 PLEASE NOTE- This set has a print time of 5-7 days. 

Product Details

28mm scale

Size of floor tile mm ≈ 80mm point to point
 All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
• .STL files are available from The Dragon's Rest


This item includes:

1 x THex Access Controls
5 x THex Base 40mm
30 x THex Base 32mm
30 x THex Base 25mm
1 x THex Block 001
1 x THex Block 002
1 x THex Block 003
3 x THex Block 004
3 x THex Corridor L
8 x THex Corridor Straight
1 x THex Corridor X
1 x THex Corridor Y
1 x THex Cover 1A
1 x THex Cover 2A
1 x THex Cover 2B
1 x THex Cover 3A
1 x THex Cover 4A
1 x THex Cover 4B
1 x THex Cover 5A
1 x THex Cover 6A
1 x THex Cover 7A
1 x THex Cover 8A1
1 x THex Cover 8A2
1 x THex Cover 8A3
1x THexM Access effect
1x THexM Cloak effect
2x THexT Empower effects
1x THexT Force effect

1 x THex Cover 8B
1 x THex Cover 9A1
1 x THex Cover 9A2
1 x THex Doorway Door
1 x THex Doorway Frame
6 x THex Cover Double 001
6 x THex Cover Single 001
40 x Variety of THex Open Tiles
1 x THex Pit
2 x THex Chute
1 x THex Citadel Scanner
3 x THex Portal Open
5 x THex Portal
1 x THex Ramp
1 x THex Stairs Down
1 x THex Stairs Up
1 x THex Stasis Cube
2 x THex Transport
1 x THex Turret
6 x DRMC Clip D 50pk or 15 x DRMC Clip S 50pk
1x THexT Haywire effect
2x THexT Inferno effects
2x THexT Plasma effects
1x THexT Stasis effect
3x THexT Trap effects

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