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The Dragon’s Rest

Blackstone Fortress Custom Marker Set

Blackstone Fortress Custom Marker Set

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Designed by The Dragon's Rest, this set of 23 3D printed markers make a great replacement to your cardboard pieces. There's a piece suited to each of the spell effects from the boxed game as well as a turn token. 

There's also 6 closed versions of the Portals and 2 Transporters.

Perfect to be used on their own to bring your games of Blackstone Fortress that little more to life, or bundle them with the 3D cover pieces from the Token Set and Custom Bases for an even greater tabletop experience.

Token Set and Bases

Product Details

 28mm scale

 23 individual pieces
 All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
 Card markers not included
• Painted pieces courtesy of Demon Force Minis
• .STL files available from The Dragon's Rest


This item includes:

1x THexM Access
1x THexM Cloak
2x THexT Empower
1x THexT Force
1x THexT Haywire
2x THexT Inferno

2x THexT Plasma
1x THexT Stasis
3x THexT Trap
6x Portal Closed (open portals are in the Token Set)
2x Transports
1x Turn Token


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