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The Dragon’s Rest

Outpost Platform Alpha

Outpost Platform Alpha

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This kit comes with interchangeable modular sections and can be used as a stand alone terrain piece or will link to all The Dragon's Rest Outpost Walkways, Outpost Corridors and Outpost Buildings sets. Great for snipers!

The set uses The Dragon's Rest clip system to assemble your platform quickly and easily.

Product Details

28mm scale

Floor tiles are based on a 1” grid
Size mm ≈ w165 x d158 x h100


This item includes:

2 x MOP Corridor C-Kit 2x2 straight base
2 x MOP Walkway stairs 2x4
1 x MOP DRMC Clip D 25pk
2 x MOP Walkway A 2x1 End
4 x MOP Walkway Riser
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