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The Dragon’s Rest

Ghoulburg Floor Tiles

Ghoulburg Floor Tiles

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These 3d printed Ghoulburg floor tiles are very versatile and well detailed. All pieces, trees, cages/accessories are completely modular allowing you to move them around as required.  Hidden inside one of the cages is a removable skeleton.

These Tiles can be mixed with The Crypt, Overgrown Apothecary, Dungeon Arena, Monument and 1x5 floor tiles, or used on its own. 

Product Details

  • 28 mm scale. Designed on a 1.5 inch grid so there's more room for miniatures and monsters
  • Printed to order
  • All product images are photos of actual 3D print

This item includes:

3x trees

2x cages

1x skeleton

1x iron gate wall

1x circular stone tile

1x pit trap (includes 3 boards)

1x sewer entrance

1x fire tile

1x carpet tile





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