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The Dragon’s Rest

HeroQuest compatible Furniture set

HeroQuest compatible Furniture set

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Introducing the game-changer for our HeroQuest lovers, compatible with our Deluxe Hero Quest board.

Separate Adventure game table available here.

Our scaled 3D Printed Furniture Unlock a whole new level of immersion and customization. Designed specifically for  HeroQuest enthusiasts, our furniture pieces are meticulously crafted to perfectly fit the game's dungeons and create a lifelike environment for your heroes' adventures.

With our 3D Printed Furniture, you have the power to transform your tabletop battles into epic quests. Immerse yourself in the richly detailed world of Hero Quest as you set up intricately designed furniture pieces such as tables, bookshelves, treasure chests, and more. No longer will you have to rely on generic, flat tokens to represent your game elements. Our 3D-printed furniture brings depth and realism to your gaming sessions, making each encounter truly come alive.

Not only for HeroQuest but these can also be used for games such as Dungeons & Dragons, the uses are many!! 

Product Details:

  • Printed to order
  • 28mm Scale perfect for your miniatures
  • Product photos are photos of actual 3d prints

Item Includes:


Alchemist Table

Weapon rack

Sorcerers stone

Torture Table 

x3 various Bookshelves

x2 tables

x3 chests


Tomb with removable lid




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