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The Dragon’s Rest

Mountain Display Diorama

Mountain Display Diorama

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There is so much detail on this diorama by The Dragon's Rest, where to begin? Let's start from the bottom. The mountain comes in two parts which link together with the large boulder so can be used separately if you wish.

The bottom of the mountain has a smugglers cave with barrels, a discarded sack of dubloons leading to an entrance on the beach. You descend to the cave from a rope by the sheltered campsite. A rickety wooden bridge crosses the river - these little pieces are printed separately should you wish to move them around.

The top section has a drain outlet with broken grating to allow adventurers to sneak in and out. A flight of stone steps lead up to a ruined sacrificial alter with one remaining arched window. The alter is a separate piece and the window clips in too, there is a groove to allow for a piece of acetate to slide in for a stained glass/broken window effect. Behind the window is a sad gargoyle and ragged standard.

There are lots of nice little details like candles, braziers, broken down architecture and  spot the hand of a poor trapped adventurer. This piece would look great in the middle of the gaming table to take your adventurers off on a new quest, or to display your painted models on the wall or in a cabinet.

Product Details

  • 28mm scale
  • Size mm  w000 x d000 x h00
  • Printed to order
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
  • .STL file is available from The Dragon's Rest Patreon
  • Painted pieces courtesy of Demon Force Minis

This item includes:

1x Mountain Base with Tent, Campfire, Wooden Bridge


1x Mountain Upper with Alter, Gargoyle, Window



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