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The Dragon’s Rest

Outpost Hub Mk1

Outpost Hub Mk1

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This starter kit is a great entry point to the modular Outpost series from The Dragon's Rest. The Mk1 hubs feature all the components needed to build a basic hub. The roof comes off exposing the interior with a removable floor grate to allow access up and down through extra levels. The doors slide up and out and the legs are removable

You can extended in height with additional Hubs. Or purchase some armoured upgrades from the parts store with a range of options for the doors and legs. The Outpost Hub Mk1 is the perfect beginning to your Sci-Fi themed table!


Product Details

28mm scale
Floor tiles are based on a 1” grid
Total size in mm is ≈ w210 x d210 x h85


This item includes:

1 x MOP Base A - Hub
1 x MOP Roof A
1 x MOP Leg A Extended 5up
1 x MOP Door Ramp

5 x MOP door A
1 x MOP Plug Roof A 5pk
1 x MOP Base A Grate

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