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The Dragon’s Rest

Precinct Umbra Display Kit 1

Precinct Umbra Display Kit 1

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The Precinct Umbra display set is a modular wargaming terrain build with huge multi leveled scenery. With just a few pieces you have the ability to create near limitless combinations. Perfect for games of Kill Team, Necromunda, Space Hulk, Warhammer 40k and Infinity.

Fully modular and easy to set up with included clips. You can quickly stack pre-made sections together with lift off roofs, walls and floors.

Product details

  • 28mm Scale
  • All clips included 
  • Product Images are photos of actual 3d print set 

This item includes:

6x 4x4 tiles

17x edging pieces 

9x columns 

3x walls (8 pieces)

2x windows 

1x door panel

1x long barricade

1x short barricade





1x stairs and landing wall

1x hatch and lid

4x beams

2x lamps

1x security camera

1x ladder

1x tank

14x railings 








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