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The Dragon’s Rest

Precinct Umbra - Scatter Kit

Precinct Umbra - Scatter Kit

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This Precinct Umbra scatter terrain is designed to kit out your Precinct Umbra Walls Kit or Floors Kit. The Scatter Terrain has been put together with the Games Workshop "Into the Dark" box set in mind sending you into the realms of space for an ultimate sci-fi skirmish adventure.

This kit is packed with 34 individual items and has been expertly Sculpted to add an intense realism to your gaming table top. Containing detailed Power Generators, Computer Servers, Space Containers and barricades to use for any scenario available to you and your imagination.


Product details:

  • 28mm Scale
  • 34 individual pieces
  • Product Images are photos of actual 3d prints


This item Includes:


 4x Servers

2x Tanks

2x Pipes

2x Electrical panels

2x Computer consoles

12x Space containers

4x Power generators

6x Barricades


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