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The Dragon’s Rest

Sci-Fi Items - Rec Room

Sci-Fi Items - Rec Room

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Let your soldiers or civilians have a bit of R&R with this set of 33 pieces that covers seating, snacks, games and a couple of plants to brighten the place up.

Product Details

  • 28mm scale
  • Size mm  w139 x d201 x h43
  • Printed to order
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints

This item includes:

2 x Sci-Fi Arcade Machine 1P
2 x Sci-Fi Arcade Machine 2P
2 x Sci-Fi Planter Large B
1 x Sci-Fi Planter Small B
1 x Sci-Fi Planter Small C
1 x Sci-Fi Planter Small D
1 x Sci-Fi Planter XB
4 x Sci-Fi Seats 1A
1 x Sci-Fi Seats 2A
1 x Sci-Fi Seats 3A
1 x Sci-Fi Seats 3B

2 x Sci-Fi Seats Corner A
1 x Sci-Fi Seats Corner B
1 x Sci-Fi Sink
1 x Sci-Fi Table

1 x Sci-Fi Table Canteen Large
2 x Sci-Fi Table Canteen Small
2 x Sci-Fi Table Side
1 x Sci-Fi Table Round
1 x Sci-Fi Trash Can
3 x Sci-Fi Vending Machine
1 x Sci-Fi Water Cooler


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