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The Dragon’s Rest

Sci-Fi Outpost Armoured Gate

Sci-Fi Outpost Armoured Gate

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This Sci-Fi armoured gate comes with a working hinged door. The width between the rear railings is large enough to fit a standard Warhammer 40k Predator tank between. It can be expanded to any width with extra MOP Defence Ramp 2x2MOP Defence Gate Door 2x pieces. 

In addition to the basic gate this set includes armoured walkways above the doors with a ladder at either end for access. The flooring is also extended to complete the bulkier look. 

The set easily clicks together with the supplied clips. This allows you to play around with diferent configurations.

Compatible with the rest of the Dragon's Rest Modular Outpost range this is perfect armoured entrance to your fortified bases.

Product Details

  • 28mm scale
  • No glue required
  • All clips included
  • Size mm  w331 x d271 x h180
  • Printed to order

This item includes:

3 x MOP Defence Ramp 2x2
2 x MOP Defence Ramp 2x1
1 x MOP Defence Gate Column and Cantilever L
1 x MOP Defence Gate Column and Cantilever R
2 x MOP Walkway Ladder 2 Floor Long
2 x C-Kit Floor 1x1 E

3 x MOP Defence Gate Door 2x
1 x MOP Defence Gate Door 1x R
1 x MOP Defence Gate Door 1x L
2 x MOP Corridor 2x5 Open Top
2 x MOP Corridor 2x5 Mil Base
6 x C-Kit Floor 2x2 B


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