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The Dragon’s Rest

Sector Fatalis Ruined Fortress Entrance and Walkways Big Bundle

Sector Fatalis Ruined Fortress Entrance and Walkways Big Bundle

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Sector Fatalis is a range of modular 3D printed wargaming terrain by The Dragon's Rest and contains a variety of pieces that allow you to build multi levelled layouts. With just a few core pieces you have the ability to create near limitless combinations. Perfect for use with Zone Mortalis, Kill Team, Necromunda, Warhammer 40k, Star Wars Legion and Infinity.

This Ruined Fortress Entrance and Walkways Big Bundle has 85 pieces you need to create the combination pictured, or you can just use them to build your own designs. 

The double and single width ruins allow you to connect to walls and junctions for a destroyed effect. They come with a piece of filament to use as broken concrete reinforcement steels which can be added to the holes where you feel necessary. 

It also has a clever working hinge that allows you to run a walkway at any angle from a junction.

You can always add on extra pieces by browsing the complete range.

Each piece is based on a 2 inch square grid and is quick and easy to set up with The Dragons Rest Clip System, then packs away nicely.

Product Details

  • 28mm scale
  • Printed to order
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints

This item includes:

3 x Junction Short
12 x Junctions
9 x Ladders
11 x Single Walls

9 x Double Walls
1 x Wall Double Ruin
1 x Wall Single Ruin
1 x Hinge
2 x Floor Double Barrier 

3 x Stairs
11 x Double Floors
2 x Floor Single Left
2 x Floor Single Right
1 x Single Door Hinged
5 x Square Floors
4 x Clips 50pks
6 x Walkway Ends
2 x Gap Caps


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