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The Dragon’s Rest

Specimen Container

Specimen Container

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LED Colour

Designed by The Dragon's Rest and lit with a battery powered blue, green, red or yellow LED in the base, this specimen container comes with either an alien grub inside or empty. A piece of acetate is included which slots into grooves top and bottom to create the glass effect. (you can cut out a crack and have an empty container where the alien has escaped...)The top attaches with the supplied clip to keep everything in place.

Perfect for use in a sci-fi lab, medical bay or as objective markers. 

Sold as singles so you can mix and match with alien grubs and without.

 Product Details

 28mm scale
 LED light and battery included and installed
 Size mm ≈ w50 x d55 x h79
• .STL files are available from The Dragon's Rest

 This item includes:

1 x Specimen Container Base
1 x Lid (With or Without Alien Grub)
1 X LED Light and battery

1 x Clip
1 x Acetate Sheet Cut to Size

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