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The Dragon’s Rest

Treasure Chest Mimics

Treasure Chest Mimics

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Are you after a series of mimic traps to entrap your party? Nothing says "don't trust the loot" like dropping one of these mimic-like traps on your party after a big or little fight with a boss and other enemies.

Your party defeating all villains in range thinking they're about to be rewarded with treasures and bounty galore. Nothing brings a game master greater joy than hearing the screams and loud laughs and protests as they think they're safe with little life left than having a trap or mimic dropped in front of them.

With The Dragons Rest set of 12 assorted treasure chests you can have all the fun!! 

Product Details:

  • 28mm scale. 
  • Printed to order

Item Includes:

  • Empty Treasure Chest
  • Gold Treasure Chest
  • Explosion Treasure Chest
  • Fireball Treasure Chest
  • Spikes Treasure Chest


  • Magic Mist Treasure Chest
  • Poison Dart Treasure Chest
  • Scythe Treasure Chest
  • Smoke Treasure Chest
  • 3 closed Treasure Chests


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