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Looking to dominate smaller scale battlefields or seeking a dynamic addition to your grand arena showdowns? Look no further than this remarkable small scale Hawke! As an ideal match for other ships in our fleet, this vessel promises seamless compatibility.

Featuring an exit ramp cleverly concealed beneath the ship's tail, you'll have a tactical advantage at every turn

Prepare for an explosive spectacle as the battlefield comes to life with the array of weaponry adorning this Hawke. Equipped with dual-sided firepower, including a total of 10 rockets - 5 on each side - and double autofire cannons flanking its hull, victory is at your fingertips.

Worried about landings? Fear not! This Hawke boasts reliable landing gear, engineered to handle hard landings with finesse. Whether you're delivering crucial cargo or executing emergency troop pickups, this ship is your steadfast companion.

Don't miss the chance to own this small scale Hawke and elevate your strategic warfare game. Seize the opportunity now and be prepared to conquer the skies and beyond!

Product Details

  • 28mm or 32mm scale
  • Size mm  W x L x H (32mm)
  • Size mm ≈ W x L x H (28mm)
  • Printed to order
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints.


This item includes:

1 x MOP VP Cockpit B
1 × MOP VP Chair Pilot v01
1 × MOP VP Cockpit B Glass Flat
1 × MOP VP Hawke Front Leg
1 x MOP VP Hawke Hub
1 × MOP VP Hawke Port Rear Leg
1 × MOP VP Hawke Starboard Rear Leg
1 x MOP VP Hawke Hub Engine Rears
1 × MOP VP Hawke Hub Rocket Rears
1 x MOP VP MOP VP Dropship Tail
1 × MOP VP MOP VP Dropship Door Long
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