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Blackstone Fortress Compatible Token Set

: The Dragon’s Rest

: FDM Printed

: Grey PLA+ Premium Filament

$ 79.00 AUD

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The Blackstone Fortress Compatible Token Set is the perfect companion to Games Workshops Blackstone Fortress. Each cover piece has been expertly designed by The Dragon's Rest to fit right on top of your existing game tiles.

Each of the 33 3D printed pieces included in this set are individually sculpted and themed. They provide a quick and easy way to bring your existing games into the 3rd dimension. Just lay out your existing Blackstone Fortress map tiles and place the perfectly fitting corresponding cover terrain on top and you're good to go.

There is 1 custom sculpted piece for each of the 22 cover tiles used in the Blackstone Fortress box set. 6 portals, a turret, a stasis cube, an opening vault gateway and access console - everything you need to bring any of the combat scenarios to life!

The enclosed cover sections are specially designed to fit 1x32mm and 2x25mm based characters in at the same time without the need for larger hex tiles.

The portals have been designed as half tiles to allow you to place a summoned transport connected to it without the need to remove the portal.

Perfect to be used on their own to bring your games of Blackstone Fortress that little more to life, or bundle them with the Custom Marker Set and Custom Bases for an even greater tabletop experience.

Marker Set and Bases

Please note: The Token Edition is at a different hex size to the Trihex Citadel Tile Set as it works with the standard card tiles.


Product Details

28mm scale

 33 individual pieces
All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
• Painted pieces courtesy of Erik Kleinsmith


This item includes:

1x THexT Access Controls
1x THexT Block 001
1x THexT Block 002
1x THexT Block 003
3x THexT Block 004
1x THexT Cover 1A
1x THexT Cover 2A
1x THexT Cover 2B
1x THexT Cover 3A
1x THexT Cover 4A
1x THexT Cover 4B
1x THexT Cover 5A
1x THexT Cover 6A1

1 x THexT Cover 6A2
1 x THexT Cover 7A
1 x THexT Cover 8A1
1 x THexT Cover 8A2
1 x THexT Cover 8A3
1 x THexT Cover 8B
1 x THexT Cover 9A1
1 x THexT Cover 9A2
1 x THexT Doorway Door
1 x THexT Doorway Frame
6 x THexT Portal Open
1 x THexT Stasis Cube
1 x THext Turret


This product is completely unofficial and in no way affiliated or endorsed by Games Workshop LTD. Blackstone Fortress and Games Workshop LTD are either ®, TM and/or © Copyright Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2019, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners. Miniatures, dice and cardboard tiles are not included and property of their respective owners.

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