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The Dragon’s Rest

Blackstone Fortress Compatible Display Board B

Blackstone Fortress Compatible Display Board B

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This Blackstone Fortress Compatible display set is a great addition to any display cabinet and the perfect way to display your Blackstone Fortress miniatures when not being used in game.

This display set uses a selection of tiles from The Dragon's Rest Trihex Citadel collection and includes special custom legs to give it a floating effect.

Each of the 3D printed pieces included have been individually sculpted to compliment the Blackstone Fortress theme.

This set comes with all required clips and clip hole covers allowing you the ability to configure the set to fit your display shelf or cabinet. The size of the set in the photographs is approximately 425mm wide x 315mm deep and 128mm high.

The Trihex Citadel Display Set is a perfect addition to any display cabinet.


Product Details

28mm scale

 Printed to order
All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
 Miniature's bases sold separately - 25mm Base - 32mm Base - 40mm Base


This item includes:

1 x THex Access Controls
1 x THex Cover 4B
6 x THex Display Leg
2 x THex Open 005
1 x THex Open 001
1 x THex Cover Double 001
1 x THex Cover Single 001

1 x THex Turret
1 x THex Portal Closed
1 x THex Portal Open
1 x THex Transport
25 x DRMC Clip D
25 x DRMC Clip S
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