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The Dragon’s Rest

Dragon's Crest Spaceship - Thumper

Dragon's Crest Spaceship - Thumper

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The Thumper has lower side engines and four mounted guns compared to the Standard spaceship.

The top comes off in 3 sections revealing the interior which contains a cockpit seat, two seats behind and an entrance ramp. The main part of the ship has a cargo net and cryo freezer with computer. The rear section has the entrance ramp.

The 2 engines clip to the side mounts and contain a small LED battery operated light (which are supplied). The back jet section unclips to access the LEDs to turn them on and off.

Pieces are modular and held together with The Dragon's Rest Clip System to make a sturdy and impressive model. It's also compatible with other vehicles in the range as well as The Dragon's Rest Outpost Origins sets. 

Product Details

  • 28mm scale
  • Size mm  w250 x d340 x h130
  • Printed to order
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
  • .STL files available from The Dragon's Rest

This item includes:

VP DC Leg Port
VP DC Leg Starboard
VP DC Leg Front
MOP VP Frame Large Base With Floor
VP DC Side Port B
VP DC Panels Interior B1
VP DC Panels Interior B2
VP DC Cockpit Interior A
VP DC Cockpit Door
VP DC Pilot Chair
VP DC Cockpit Bottom Single Door
VP DC Gun Port
VP DC Gun Starboard
VP DC Cockpit Glass Front
VP DC Cockpit Glass Right
VP DC Cockpit Glass Left


VP DC Rear Door
VP DC Rear Base
VP DC Panels Interior A
VP DC Side Starboard B
MOP VP Frame Large Top
VP DC Engine Rear LED x 2
VP DC Engine Front Starboard
VP DC Engine Front Port
VP DC Rear Top
VP DC Top Starboard Large
VP DC Top Port Large
VP DC Top Gun Starboard
VP DC Top Gun Port
VP DC Cockpit Top Rear
VP DC Cockpit Glass Top
VP DC Cockpit Top Front
2 x LED balloon lights



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