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The Dragon’s Rest

Dungeon Dice Jail

Dungeon Dice Jail

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Introducing the ultimate solution to tame those unruly dice – the Dice Jail! Say goodbye to endless strings of unlucky rolls and hello to a game-changing experience!

With its sturdy bars and secure lid, this Dice Jail is the ultimate detention center for misbehaving dice. No longer will you have to suffer the agony of constant 1’s – simply toss those cursed dice into the slammer and let them contemplate their poor choices while you enjoy smooth, fair gameplay.

But that’s not all! Beneath the towering structure lies a holding area for dice that are just skating by with average performance. They’ll have a front-row seat to the fate of their incarcerated comrades, serving as a powerful reminder to step up their game.

Perfect for tournament organizers, game masters, dungeon masters, and hosts alike, this centerpiece is a must-have for any gaming table. It’s time to take control and show those dice who’s boss – with the Dice Jail, victory is within reach!


Product Details

  • 28mm Scale
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
  • dice in pictures not included
  • Size: W150mm X D150mm X H150mm


This item includes:

1 suspended Cage

4x Corner raisers

8x Fencing Pieces

1x Grid Floor

1x Floor Platform

16x Ringloop / Chain plugs

1x Removeable Cage roof

All necessary Clips


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