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The Dragon’s Rest

Escalation Compatible Deluxe Custom Tile and Marker Set

Escalation Compatible Deluxe Custom Tile and Marker Set

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This set of 50 3D printed tiles, cover pieces and markers replace the cardboard pieces of the Blackstone Fortress Escalation set.

Each cover tile has been expertly sculpted and designed by The Dragon's Rest.

All pieces included in this set are individually themed. They provide a quick and easy way to bring Escalation into the 3rd dimension. Just lay out and clip together and you are good to go. Clips supplied.

There are 15 open tiles and 15 custom sculpted tiles and cover pieces. The Vat tile contains a supplied tealight which gives a green bubbling glow to the surface. The Throne will hold a 40mm base comfortably. There are 18 pieces suited to the status effects and markers too. We include a selection of 13 bases for your miniatures and 150 double clips for free.

This set is designed to complement the Deluxe Edition Tile Set

The Dragon's Rest clip system allows you to tear down your build and reassemble in completely different configurations quickly and easily. Enough double ended clips are included to configure your tiles into rooms. Optionally there are single capping clips that have spaces for 5mm ball magnets if you'd like to magnetise things. If you want these we can substitute magnet clips for the standard clips - the magnets are not included. Let us know when ordering.

Product Details

 28mm scale

 50 individual pieces designed to work with all BF TILE SIZE sets
 All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
• .STL files are available from The Dragons Rest

This item includes:

14x TS Mixed Open Tiles
1x TS Open Tile 001
5x TS Tile Block 001
2x TS Token Block 001
1x TS Tile Block 002
1x TS Tile Blood Ritual
1x TS Tile Cover 001
1x TS Tile Cover 002
1x TS Tile Cover 003
1x TS Tile Lightning Tile A
1x TS Tile Lightning Tile B
1x TS Tile Lightning Tower Prism
1x TS Tile Ritual of Change Grate
1 x TS Tile Ritual of Change
1x TS Token Throne Star 
1x TS Tile Throne
1x TS Token Vat Bubbles
1 x Tealight

1x TS Tile Vat
1x TS Tile Valve A
1x TS Tile Valve B
1x TS Tile Vortex
1x TS Token Chamber Lid
1x TS Token Chamber
1x TS Marker Firestorm
1x TS Marker Hologram
1x TS Marker Hologram Base
6x TS Marker Illusion
4x TS Marker Psychic Crystals
1x TS Marker Shield
2x TS Marker Target
1x TS Marker Tectonic
1x TS Marker Void
1 Set of 13 Bases
3 x DRMC Clip D 50pk or 8 x DRMC Clip S 50pk


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