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The Dragon’s Rest

Garden Path Terrain Tiles

Garden Path Terrain Tiles

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Do you need path ways into your city? What about a City garden? A pathway leading to your buildings? or through a forest?  

Whatever your campaign is these floor tiles with grassy outcrops and visible pathways can guide your party, whether you want to split the pathway and let them choose a direction or make one long lined pathway with grass. They are modular so you can choose your own destiny.

 The kit comes with 17 sections and can be lined up next to the Apothecary or the Crypt and can work also with our Ghoulburg Floor Tiles.

Your terrain flooring options are endless and compatible with so much to use.

Enjoy an outdoor dungeon crawl with adventuring in mind.


Product Details:

  • Size mm~ Square tiles 75x75, Long rectangle tiles 150x75, Small rectangle tiles 110x75
  • 28 mm scale so there's plenty of room for miniatures and monsters 
  • All product images are photos of actual 3d prints

This item includes:

  • x14 square tiles 
  • x2 long rectangle tiles 
  • x1 small rectangle tiles 




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