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HeroQuest Display Diorama

HeroQuest Display Diorama

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This diorama from the Dragons Rest also used in our Keller Keeper set (coming soon) is printed on a 28mm scale so it has the space to display all your favourite minis. 
This piece has so much detail and is split into two sections. Starting from the bottom you will find barrels and wood in/under the rocks, next to the stairs. The stairs lead up to two braziers which you will find have tiny details of chains and skulls and light up with LED lights (included). The large door at the back has a skull on both sides and is a working hinged door. On the back of the diorama you will find detailed braziers on each side of the door with gargoyles sitting on top. 

Product Details

  • 28mm scale
  • Printed to order
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints

This item includes:

2 braziers

2 LED lights 

Edge steps 

Skull door 

Stair base and stair top 

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