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Movement Tray Textured Range

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: FDM Printed

: Grey PLA+ Premium Filament

$ 2.50 AUD

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Prices quoted are per single tray size for you to mix and match as needed


Exclusive to TabletopTerrain.Shop our 3D printed movement trays are designed for fast advancement of groups of miniatures across the game table. They come in a wide choice of terrain styles and sizes with an option of matching bases too!

The 25mm and 32mm movement trays hold 5 miniatures each. They come in 3 different shapes and are mirrored for a total of 6 options. You will receive a random mixed selection of the available shapes with your order. The 40mm tray comes split into 2 pieces which allow for stands of 2 and 3 miniatures as well as a combined stand of 5 when the two base pieces are nestled together.

Tray Shapes

Each base slot is designed to be a maximum ½" from at least 1 other base to allow for unit coherency. The trays are designed to sit neatly together whilst maintaining the maximum ½" distance between models.


The surface effects are Mud, Dirt, Cracked Earth/Lava, Snow, Rock, Urban Rubble, Cobblestone, Sand and Plain. Choosing the matching bases option allows for the surface effect to flow across the whole tray. The top surfaces are printed at a high resolution of 0.12mm per layer to minimise any visible layers and to get a great textured effect. We also have a plain surface set of trays for customising yourself.


Perfect for both sci-fi and fantasy horde armies and large Apocalypse battles!

Product Details

  • Printed at 0.12mm per layer
  • Printed to order
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints

This item includes:

Movement trays with or without bases




Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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