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The Dragon’s Rest

Outpost Defence Set A

Outpost Defence Set A

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This huge 3D printed defence wall for your sci-fi games makes a great center piece to your table. Just under half a meter in size the basic configuration includes multiple areas of elevation with plenty of places for cover.

The set is made from The Dragon's Rest Outpost range and includes a clever clip system enabling it to be torn down and reconfigured providing different layouts each time it's set up.

The main wall is in 4 separate sections and is made to be combined with multiple defence wall sets to create massive armoured barricades.

The rear of the wall contains a walkway system made from individual interlocking tiles. Everything is built to connect with the Dragon's Rest walkway and corridor system as used in the Outpost Acheron set to build sprawling sci-fi bases.   

There's even a set of arms lockers and 2 barrel sets to use as scatter pieces.

A single Outpost Defence Set A or used in a pair will make a great centerpiece for any sci-fi table or addition to your already established Outpost.


Product Details

 28mm scale
 Floor tiles are based on a 1” grid
 Size mm ≈ w430 x d240 x h170
 .STL files available from The Dragon's Rest


This item includes:

1 x Sci-Fi Barrel Group A
1 x Sci-Fi Barrel Group B
1 x Locker Group
2 x MOP Defence Wall Column
2 x MOP Defence Wall A
9 x MOP C-Kit Floor 2x2 B
3 x MOP C-Kit Floor 1x1 E
13 x MOP C-Kit Floor 2x1 E
1 x MOP Corridor C-Kit 2x4 Straight Base
1 x MOP Corridor C-Kit 2x2 Corner Base
1 x MOP Corridor C-Kit 2x5 Straight Base

2 x MOP Walkway Stairs 2x4
1 x MOP Walkway Stairs Railing R 1x4
2 x MOP Corridor Riser
2 x MOP Walkway Ladder 1 Floor
1 x MOP Walkway Ladder 2 Floor Long
1 x MOP C-Kit Railing Rev
3 x MOP C-Kit Railing Straight
1 x MOP C-Kit Railing Straight 1x2
2 x MOP C-Kit Railing Straight 1x3
2 x MOP C-Kit Railing Straight 1x4
80 x DRMC Clip D 

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