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The Dragon’s Rest

Precinct Umbra Deluxe kit

Precinct Umbra Deluxe kit

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It's time to gather the troops! Compatible with Kill Team this is the perfect set up for you to go into space or gather those from around the galaxy for an adventure of a lifetime. Watch your backs as you enter each room into the unknown, what is lurking around each corner? 

Precinct Umbra Deluxe includes all the terrain, barricades and everything to make the perfect choke points. Power generators, servers and crates to hide behind from the enemy. Combining our Precinct Umbra wall kit, scatter kit and flooring kit together to make the perfect tabletop layout for your sci fi games such as Kill teams Into the Dark. This set has everything needed to create a 6x7 tiles sized game board. 

The walls measure 65mm tall x 75mm in length and the columns are 75mm tall x 25mm wide/ deep. Perfect size to fit alongside all game scenarios.

PLEASE NOTE- This Kit has a print time of up to 10-14 days.


Product details:

  • 28mm Scale
  • 174 individual pieces
  • Product Images are photos of actual 3d prints


 This item includes:

x24 Columns

x24 Column caps

x6 doors 

x2 angled pipes

x1 beam

2x air ducts

1x pipes

x10 blank walls

x3 Terminal walls

x2 end columns




4x Servers

6x barricades

2x Electrical panels

2x computer consoles

2x Tanks

12x Space Containers

4x Power Generators

x33 grated floor tiles

x9 solid floor tiles

x26 floor edges - to surround the entire board.

 All clips included



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