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The Dragon’s Rest

Terraforma Epicminium Tile Set

Terraforma Epicminium Tile Set

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The Terraforma Epicminium Tile Set from The Dragons Rest, are expertly crafted terrain tiles to terraform your 8mm wargaming tables into an epic environment! Compatible with the Legions Imperialis.

Each of the 6 inch tiles fit perfectly together and are held in place with the supplied mini clips - no more tiles sliding all over the place!

Choose between our five options below to create combinations that allow you to build interesting layouts of any size.

When choosing your option:

  • 1x Cross Road includes 4x tiles to make the entire Cross road - as pictured.
  • 1x T Intersection includes 4x tiles to make the entire T-Intersection - as pictured
  • 1x Sttraight Road includes 4x Tiles to make the entire Straight road section - as pictured
  • 1x Corner Road includes 4x tiles to make the entire Corner section - as pictured.
  • 1x Sewer straight - includes 4x tiles to make the entire sewer straight section - as printed.

You can create T-junctions, crossroads and even a water run-off channel with built in bridge.  Four of the 6 inch tiles create the standard 12x12 inch tile layouts, or create larger tiles with the roads facing out to allow you to offset the building foundations to reduce fire-lanes. A huge benefit of 6 inch tiles over the standard 12 inch is the ability to build varied layouts for your building foundations creating a much more interesting and less predictable battlefield.


Product Details:

  • 8mm scale
  • 1 tile is 6x6inches, a set of four makes 12x12inch.
  • Sewer tile is 6x12inch. Sewer tile has a removable green coloured insert for a water effect. 
  • Printed to order 


Item includes:

4 tiles   8 mini clips




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