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TravelQuest Game Board

TravelQuest Game Board

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The mini HeroQuest peg board from The Dragons Rest measures at 409x303mm. Splits into four quarters for easier storage and held together using the mini clip system. The walls are seperate making it easier for painting and all doors are designed to slip over each wall, clipping into place.

This Travel Quest board comes with all the Scatter Terrain that our Deluxe Hero Quest Board does, you get the stairs, rocks, barricades, tables, bookshelves, torture table, alchemy table, fireplace and much more. 

Product Details:

  • size mm~ 409x303
  • All product photos are photos of actual 3D prints


Item includes

x4 Board quarters broken up into 8 pieces

x6 walls

x11 Meeples

x4 rocks

x4 rubble

x3 bookcases

x3 stairs

x1 sorcerer stone

x6 tables

x11 closed doors

x11 open doors

x1 fireplace

x1 torture table

x1 alchemy table

x3 treasure chests

x1 throne

Clips included



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