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The Dragon’s Rest

Blackstone Fortress Compatible Token Edition Flooring

Blackstone Fortress Compatible Token Edition Flooring

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The Blackstone Fortress Compatible Token Edition Flooring set by The Dragon's Rest contains 18 individual 3D printed floor tile groups. These are all scaled to fit with your existing card tiles and make a great way to expand the fortress with 3D flooring.

You get enough floor tiles in this set to create all the combat scenarios and more!

Each floor tile is specially designed to work with the cover pieces in the Token Set.

Compatible with:

Please note: All of the Token Edition products are a different hex size to the Trihex Citadel Tile Set as the Token Edition works with the standard Blackstone Fortress card tiles.

Product Details

  • 28mm Scale
  • 18 individual pieces
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
  • .STL files available from The Dragons Rest

This item includes:

1 x THexT Open 1A
1 x THexT Open 1B
1 x THexT Open 2A
1 x THexT Open 2B
1 x THexT Open 3A
1 x THexT Open 3B
1 x THexT Open 4A
1 x THexT Open 4B
1 x THexT Open 5A

1 x THexT Open 5B
1 x THexT Open 6A
1 x THexT Open 6B
1 x THexT Open 7A
1 x THexT Open 7B
1 x THexT Open 8A
1 x THexT Open 8B
1 x THexT Open 9A
1 x THexT Open 9B


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