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The Dragon’s Rest

Sci-Fi Warp Gate

Sci-Fi Warp Gate

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Designed by The Dragon's Rest, this 3D printed sci-fi warp gate makes for an amazing piece of terrain for your wargames and board games. 

The sci-fi warp gate comes in 2 sizes and 3 styles.

The smaller "Token" version fits in perfectly with the pieces from the Blackstone Fortress Token Edition and makes for an impressive entrance portal for the forces of Chaos or as a replacement for a Maglev.

The larger "Tile" version has clip holes in the base and is made to fit with the Blackstone Fortress Compatible Tile Basic and Deluxe sets.

The larger "Generic" version is made to fit with all of the Dragon's Rest clip system products and to also be used as a stand alone terrain piece for any 28mm games.

Each Warp Gate is in 2 separate pieces with a removable warp bubble that simply clips together. 

Please make sure you select the variant you want from the drop down box when ordering!

Product Details

  • 28mm scale
  • No glue required
  • All clips included
  • "Token" Size mm ≈ w162 x d108 x h128
  • "Tile" Size mm ≈ w210 x d142 x h171
  • "Generic" Size mm ≈ w201 x d130 x h717
  • Printed to order
  • Painted pieces courtesy of Demon Force Minis
  • .STL files available from The Dragon's Rest


This item includes:

1 x Warp Gate
1 x Warp Bubble

All necessary clips


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