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Wrath of the Shadowmage

Wrath of the Shadowmage

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AIntroducing the ultimate dungeon-themed entertainment room for the boldest adventurers and thrill-seekers!

Heroes must muster their courage to enter the massive solid door bound with chains. Skeletons are holding banners surrounding the door and pillars to enhance the detail of this entrance sealing off their path to the Shadow mage’s lair.

The heart of this chamber houses the ominous trap door that plunges you into a bone-chilling pit of skulls, aglow with an eerie LED Light setting the stage for your player’s demise.

At the End of the room the imposing, heavily skull-studded throne that exudes and air of malevolence.

Step cautiously into the room avoiding the trap door and fight your way to the jewels and loot the Shadow mage will drop.

Compatible with Heros Quest, Adventurer Table, and Kellers Keep

This room can replace the middle room of your standard Hero Quest game board.

Or act as a completely stand alone diorama for your miniatures to be displayed upon – mixing well on your shelf with Kellers Keep Diorama

This unparalleled installation promises an unforgettable experience for those who seek thrills and adventure. Transform your space into a realm of heart-pounding excitement with this Terrain.

Product details:

  • FDM printed terrain
  • 28mm scale
  • Product images are photos are of actual 3d prints

Items included :

1x Wrath of the Shadow Mage diorama set (as pictured above)

2x LED white balloon lights 

All clips included

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