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The Dragon’s Rest

No Respite Compatible Token or Tile Set

No Respite Compatible Token or Tile Set

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This set of 3D printed tokens is the perfect addition to the Blackstone Fortress Token Set and Custom Marker Set, or can be used as stand alone terrain pieces.

Designed by The Dragon's Rest, this set includes 7 individual pieces all scaled to work seamlessly with either the cardboard tiles in the main game or our larger Deluxe Tile Set. The larger Tile Set version also has the clip holes built into the base to allow it to be connected to the rest of the tiles with the included clips.

Please make sure to select the correct size from the drop box when ordering

There are three plague vent markers and 3 iris lids to close the vent, plus the Maw of Contagion.

These are a perfect way to bring your games of Blackstone Fortress and the No Respite expansion to life!

Great when used with the 3D cover pieces from the Token Set and Custom Marker Set or with the tiles from our Deluxe Edition


Product Details

  • 28mm scale
  • Printed to order
  • All product images are photographs of the actual 3D prints
  • Painted pieces courtesy of Demon Force Minis 
  • .STL files available from The Dragon's Rest


This item includes:

3 x vents with lids

1x Maw of Contagion
All necessary clips

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